If you can spare five minutes, I urge you to have a read of these comments below. They are utterly genuine and unsolicited and I have to say, you will have never read anything like this before…

Truly excellent, yet again! You might like to know never before have I seen such an increase in my betting bank.

Many thanks again,

R.M. 30/8/12


I wasn’t going to say this – but then I saw yesterday’s first results email about how much your back bets returned – my profit for that day alone just peeped into the four figure mark for the first time. Previously to this it was in the low hundreds, and a few weeks ago it was only in double figures. Of course, yesterday’s results were exceptional, but I think you can probably see why I am taking the time to thank you for your guidance! I think this is the first summer holiday when my “income” has exceeded my outgoings: nearly two grand profit in four weeks – not bad for an experiment. I’ve had a few losses, of course, and some near-misses; one thing I am developing are nerves of steel after/during a run of losses – like today!

C.P. 29/8/2012


Evening Paul

Never mind Christmas every day,wish it could be August all the time!

Record month by the look of thing’s?


C.H. 28/8/2012


One word……amazing!

Im having a bottle of Bollinger with my wife thanks to you. I would send you one too if I could

Many thanks

P.L. 28/8/12


I reckon I’m around 44 points up today Paul so on that basis you’d be 2655 better off (me £486) What an unbelievable month’s work Paul – the man that broke the bookies from Lanzarote!

Well done indeed.


P.H. 28/8/2012


Hello Paul,

Very impressed today!

Lots of good winners, and what is more I took some of them and put them in e/w doubles to only .20p stakes.

Result on Betfair to just £1 stakes increased from £63 to £289 and my Bet 365 from £479 to £706 !

As you can imagine, I am very pleased with this outcome ! good on “Beaumont Bets!”

But I also realise you are going to tell me that not all days will be just like this, but what a good day for me on my full subscription, good decision on my part but it was a no brainer really!

All the very best,

looking forward to tomorrow!

B.M. 28/8/2012


Hi Paul

Just got back from Aqualand and forgot to activate bet engine! What a plonker! First time i have done that since i started back in February!! Anyway, all my girls are happy and now Dad is very HAPPY!

Great Day

Regards as always

G.W. 28/8/2012


Hi Paul

11 out of 13! How do you do it! Simply Stunning!

Hi Paul

OK 10/12 instead, but who’s counting!

P.J. 28/8/2012


Us backers are minted Paul! For a writer I am not often lost for words but I am these days. Staggering results – inspired stuff!


P.H. 26/8/12


Hi Paul,

Just wondering are you doing this bank hol monday !.

Also keep up the good (awesome) work, must say not very often I name someone a genius but your are with this game.

P.A. 25/8/12


Hi Paul,
I tell you a joke today…: When i started with you 3,5 weeks ago, i was afraid that i didnt would win enough to pay the monthly 105 Euro for your Service…. funny, isnt it ?

Started with 806 Euro… 1675 Today Big thx for that.. greatest tippster ever,im happy i found this

BUT, You promised me some swings for backing only…where are they ? I play much poker online,there you get your swings,this is nothing here, only UP,UP,UP

Greetings from Vienna

B.L. 20/8/12



We got to 100 points today which is pretty close to your 114 considering we’re just about banned from most of the BOG bookies, 3K profit in a week, genius!

Thanks again Paul

P.M. 7/8/12 (see P.M.’s email 29th March further down the page……………….PB)


Fantastic Paul.

Very well done indeed – I’m loving this. I haven’t been as scientific as I ought to have been but I have edged my bets gradually up from £2 to £7 – still a modest level but highly enjoyable on the decent days.

E.H. 7/8/12


Awesome day yesterday Paul, £2.5K up in 6 days, it takes my wife nearly 2 months to earn that which is why she is now a full time homemaker come gambling guru between 1030 and 1230.

Many thanks

P.M. 7/8/12


If I may be permitted to say “Hot Damn”! you’re in the zone at the moment!

Haven’t made as much as you (stakes are smaller etc) but if you want to take the rest of the month off I wouldn’t complain…..unless you keep this streak going all month

J.T. 6/8/12


What is it McDonalds say? ‘I’m loving it’


J.W. 6/8/12



Fantastic start to the month Paul! That will pay for a couple of meals in Cala D’or!

Happy Days.

G.W. 6/8/12




Any chance of an encore

G.M. 6/8/12


Hi Paul

You’ve hit the sweet spot again today Paul, reinforcing successes of the last few days. Very well done!

All the best

P.J. 6/8/12


hi paul

what a great week end thank you very much

P.H. 5/8/12



Well done today, tremendous stuff and a very good weekend indeed.

An excellent start to August.

G.M. 5/8/12


A further update on “my favourite email”………………………..P.B.


Dear Paul,
I hope you might find time to drop me a line back on this one. Firstly my account is now looking very healthy around the £2000 mark from my original £100. It would be much more but i have had to take time out here and there in the last few months and have not advanced the stakes rigidly per hundred increase. (i am staking £15 at present).

M.M. 31/7/2012

If you haven’t guessed already, they’re all talking about Beaumonts Bets. Would you believe this service has actually been criticised as flawed because it WINS TOO MUCH!!!

I’m serious about that. One reader actually complained that he wouldn’t be getting involved with this service because when you win too much the bookies close your accounts. I guess there’s just no pleasing some people but for most of us mortals, this is a problem they would LOVE to encounter (and one that can be overcome with a little imagination).

There’s plenty of money to be won before you have to worry about that though (check out the winnings of some of the testimonials above) and last month was a bumper month for the service, returning an incredible… wait for it…. 327 points on the backing only side, 106 points on the original back/lay 75% version, and 121 points on the new back/lay 75% variation. In case you don’t know, the backing only requires a 200 point bank, the back/lay 75% requires an 80 point bank, and the new variation just a 50 point bank (242% return in one month!).

This is, hands down, the best racing service you will ever encounter.

Oh, and there’s a full money back guarantee on the first month of service, just in case you don’t like winning so much either…