After 18 months of running this service, with phenomenal success, Paul is making a rather special offer. See below….


Hello everyone

My name is Paul Beaumont and I have been running this service for 18 months.

During that time I have corresponded with and talked to hundreds of people who have expressed an interest in what I do. From that experience, what started off as a vague philosophy of mine has hardened into an absolute certainty. It is this:

“Long term success at gambling has absolutely nothing to do with how much you win on a good day; it has everything to do with how much you lose on a poor one”

That is the Beaumonts Bets philosophy and, as far as I am concerned, it is set in stone.

Since the middle of 2011 all the efforts that I have made, and the strategies I have come up with, have been purely concerned with achieving one end. It is not to increase winnings, it is to reduce losses. Winning days look after themselves, losing days need to be attended to.

Having said that, simply backing my selections long term, for those who have the stomach for it, has been profitable, as my results and testimonial pages show. The fact is though that the vast majority of people do not have the stomach for it, even though they will kid themselves that they do. The ups and downs are just too unsettling for 9 out of 10 people.

That is why, much as I am happy with the “gamblers” who currently make up a decent proportion of my membership, I want to severely caution you against backing only at the beginning. The reason for that is because I become far too emotionally concerned about the daily fortunes of “risk takers”, even though I long ago decided not to take those sort of risks myself. The ones who have been with me for a fair while are big lads, they’ve made their profit and they know the score. I don’t worry too much about them but I do worry about those who are brand new to this. I want ideally for everyone to play it safe at least in the early days (say for 6 months or so) until they fully understand what is involved in backing only.

11 months ago I came up with a strategy that I believe is the safest and most reliable way of backing horses there is, bar none. I call it the back/lay 75% new variation. (It’s called the new variation because there is an original version). That strategy over the past 11 months has accrued a points total of 529.16 This has been done using a 50 point bank and represents 1,058% growth over the 11 months. Converting that into real money, it actually means this:

Starting with a £300 bank (the minimum required), that bank, reset at the beginning of every month, after 4 months exceeded £2,500 (the maximum bank). Since then it has been simply a matter of taking an income, and it has provided an income over the remaining 7 months of more than £17,000 (all from a £300 starting bank). I admit that that has been an extremely good 11 months and my target for everyone is less than that, being an average 40% growth of the bank per month. That will mean the maximum £2,500 bank takes 6 months to achieve and a monthly income can be taken thereafter.

That is the reason I do not want “gamblers” anymore. I only want those who will treat this as an investment, are looking for decent growth, and are happy to just earn a second income when the bank becomes of a size to provide this.

This will not make you rich

Now, cards on the table. I’ve enjoyed 17 successive profitable months since I started this, apart from one month and that was January 2013 (Thank God, it’s over). This has made me take stock of what I do and when I do it. The truth is that, although I have made money in winter over the 3 winters I have been doing this, when the weather turns nasty, it all becomes more difficult. I still maintain the value prices in the bets I place but results are certainly harder to come by. I am therefore looking very seriously at suspending the service for the months when the weather is likely to be foul, but that is a decision I will make later in the year.

If you are at all interested in learning more about what I do, please feel free to email me, [email protected]. I will explain how it all works and, if I feel this may be of some benefit to you, then I will make it possible for you to evaluate the method for a realistic period without parting with a single penny of your own money. This offer is available throughout March 2013.


Paul Beaumont