If it’s profit you’re after, this is without a doubt the best horse racing service available. And it always was.

Well, another six months have gone by and another astounding profit has been made:

Back Only:             554.27 points.
Lay 75% of back:   337.17 points.
Back/Lay 75%:      245.90 points.
Both combined:   291.54 points.

Yes, you read that right. For those simply backing all selections using a 200 point bank, Paul has managed 554.27 points profit over the last six months alone.

For those that prefer a smoother ride with less drawdowns, using the Back/Lay 75% method (explained in detail on the site), Paul brought in 245.9 points profit. And that is using just a 50 point bank which means an astonishing 492% return in six months!

Seriously, if anyone knows of a more profitable service then I’d like to hear about it!

Anyhow, if you’ve not tried it yet, or if you have and you fancy another look, check out the website, watch the videos, find out how it works and get involved. You CAN make a living from betting, and Beaumonts Bets is the way to do it!

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