Finally a winning week but it should have been much better. On Saturday, the tips arrived as per usual. I checked the email as soon as I could and found that one of the bets given in the Trixie was the wrong fixture. It was a game from last week. I was going to email the author but as kick off was very close (I was running slightly late) and there was no prospect of getting a reply in time, I decided to not place the bet. The incorrect selection given was Leicester v Blackpool. According to the next day’s email the correct selection should have been Newcastle to win at Evens. This would have landed a very decently priced Trixie and a Treble. Of course, I have no way of checking what the service actually intended to send out and I received no notification of the incorrect bet until the following day, so I am not recording either the Trixie or the Treble for Saturday. I couldn’t place the advised bet as the fixture was wrong, I couldn’t place the correct bet as I didn’t have the details in time. If it had been valid, it would have been a 9.6 point profit on the Trixie and 3.8 points on the Treble.

On a happier note, Sunday’s Treble & Trixie did work out correctly and gave us one of the first winning weeks we’ve had during the trial.

Figs so far:

Bets 70

Wins 21

S/R 30%

Av Odds 3.84

Av Win Odds 2.39

Profit/Loss  -£343.76