This is a new trial on the tipster service Best Betfair Football Trader.

A straight forward affair where tips are emailed to you mid morning. You are advised to stake 2% of bank per bet. I have been receiving these for just over a week. I did have one query when I received advise to place both a Trixie and a Treble (you can chose to do either or both, the tipster does both so we shall do the same) and I was a little unclear on the staking for the Trixie part. A Trixie, for those that don’t know, is a multiple leg bet where 3 selections are given and they are backed in 3 doubles and a treble. So a total of 4 bets spread across the 3 selections. I was unclear on whether to split the advised 2% stake across the 4 or whether to stake 2% for each leg. I did receive a prompt response advising me to do the latter, so a Trixie will be recorded as 4 point bet. I will be using a £500 start bank, so a basic stake of £10 a point. Subs are a fairly reasonable £17 a month or £167 a year.

Looking at the published previous results, we appear to have joined the service at just the wrong time as it was chugging along nicely but has had a disappointing run. I do believe the previous results as they fit exactly with the type of selection and bet advice we’ve had since the start.

So a poor start but we only need land a weekend Trixie to be back on track:

Bets 13

Wins 3

S/R 23.08%

P/L -£108.27

Adjusted P/L (recalculated stakes daily) -£100.39