Since my last blog, we have been unable to recover any of the prior losses on my account balance. Still, we have a couple of weeks still to go on this review and I remain hopeful that in that time we can come out on top!

This week saw the (‘attempted’) placing of accumulator stakes via the Bet365 site something I have never done before. I did find the website online help somewhat lacking regarding this specific aspect of staking, although a quick email to Stuart ironed the problem out in a flash. I haven’t added all details here to save space. Of the three TRIPLE bets made, only one winner giving the bank a satisfying boost at a price of 6.39

Herewith the results for week ending 6th February:

31/01/2011 BACK UNDER 1.5 GOALS – Racing Santander v.s Valencia  3.25 lost -£10.00
BACK GO AHEAD EAGLES -1.0 – Go Ahead Eagles v.s Veendam  2.5 lost -£10.00

01/02/2011 BACK OVER 4.5 GOALS – QPR v.s Portsmouth 6.1 lost -£10.00
BACK WATFORD -2.5 – Watford v.s C. Palace 5.75 lost -£10.00
 BACK THE DRAW – Arsenal v.s Everton 4.5 lost -£10.00
BACK OVER 2.5 1ST HALF GOALS – Exeter v.s Southampton 7 lost -£10.00
BACK DRAW/DRAW (HT/FT) – AC Milan v.s Lazio – Odds 6 won £50.00

02/02/2011 BACK BLACKPOOL TO WIN FROM BEHIND – Blackpool v.s West Ham  8 lost -£10.00
BACK OVER 1.5 1ST HALF GOALS – Bolton v.s Wolves 2.75 lost -£10.00
BACK REAL MADRID TO WIN FROM BEHIND – Real Madrid v.s Sevilla 6.5 lost -£10.00
BACK OVER 3.5 2ND HALF GOALS – Real Madrid v.s Sevilla 8 lost -£10.00
BACK HT/FT (DRAW/NAPOLI) – Chievo v.s Napoli 5.5 lost -£10.00

03/02/2011 BACK ETO’O TO SCORE 2 OR MORE GOALS – Bari v.s Inter Milan 6 lost -£10.00

04/02/2011 BACK THE DRAW – Reading v.s QPR 3.3 lost -£10.00
 BACK SPORTING LISBON -1.0 AT HT – Sporting Lisbon v.s Naval 4 lost -£10.00
Triple 6.39 won £53.90

05/02/2011 BACK OVER 2.5 SECOND HALF GOALS – Wolves v.s Man United  4.33 lost -£10.00
Triple 7.56 lost -£10.00

06/02/2011 LIVERPOOL (0) HALFTIME HANDICAP – Chelsea v.s Liverpool  4.1 won £31.00
BACK THE DRAW – Inter Milan v.s Roma  3.4 lost -£10.00
Triple 5.65 lost -£10.00

07/02/2011 NO SELECTIONS

Summary : 3 winners totalling £134.90 / 18 losers totalling £180

Current balance : £816.60
P/ L : -£183.40 (a further loss of £45.10 on last week)

On the plus side, Stuart Irvine, head-man at Best Football Betting, has offered a new subscription facility that he plans to upload to the website very soon.
He has confirmed that Best Football Betting will be offering :

Subscription for the first weeks worth of selections, FREE. If during that week, the service makes a profit, in order to gain the next weeks selections a payment of £4.99 will be due. However, if the service fails to make a profit, then the next weeks selections will also be free of charge. This will continue for the life of the service. So, in a nutshell, new subscribers will only ever pay for the following weeks selections if they have had a profitable week, something I am sure you will agree is very fair and offers absolute value.