Hello again.

I have decided it’s about time to kick the review of this service ‘into touch’ so to speak…

As you are aware – I have been trialling / reviewing the Best Football Betting service since 21st January and during this time the bank has seen a steady decline…. a total of 166 bets with a paltry 18 wins (although, the odds of almost all of these wins have not been anything to write home about either …)

I was planning to run the review until the end of this month – but I am away from tomorrow until the middle of next week where I will be unable to place my stakes and record progress – which will stop continuity in my coverage…. I feel that perhaps we have fallen too far on our working reserves to be able to recover to any reasonable position by the close of this trial in three weeks time….

Herewith the results since Sunday…

BACK OVER 2.5 2ND HALF GOALS – Blackpool v.s Chelsea 3.25 won £22.50
BACK BOULOGNE/EVIAN GAILLARD (HT/FT) – Boulogne v.s Evian T. Gaillard  41 lost -£10.00
BACK EVIAN GAILLARD/BOULOGNE (HT/FT) – Boulogne v.s Evian T. Gaillard 34 lost -£10.00
BACK DEPORTIVO/SOCIEDAD (HT/FT) – Deportivo v.s Sociedad 41 lost -£10.00
BACK SOCIEDAD/DEPORTIVO (HT/FT) – Deportivo v.s Sociedad 29 lost -£10.00

BACK OVER 5.5 GOALS – Shahktar v.s Roma  13 lost -£10.00
BACK MIDDLESBOROUGH/DERBY (HT/FT) – MIddlesborough v.s Derby  41 lost -£10.00
BACK DERBY/MIDDLESBOROUGH (HT/FT) – Middlesbrough v.s Derby  23 lost -£10.00
BACK PRESTON/LEEDS (HT/FT) – Preston v.s Leeds 23 lost -£10.00
BACK LEEDS/PRESTON (HT/FT) – Preston v.s Leeds 29 lost -£10.00
BACK OVER 2.5 2ND HALF GOALS – Swansea v.s Watford 5 lost -£10.00
BACK NOTTS COUNTY/PETERBOROUGH (HT/FT) – Notts C. v.s Peterborough  26 lost -£10.00
BACK PETERBOROUGH/NOTTS COUNTY (HT/FT) – Notts C. v.s Peterborough 26 lost -£10.00
BACK OVER 3.5 GOALS – Stenhousemuir v.s Livingston 3.1 lost -£10.00

Back 1-1 correct score – Schalke v.s Valencia  6 lost -£10.00
Back Van der Vaart to score 2 or more – Tottenham v.s AC Milan 9.5 lost -£10.00
Back over 1.5 1st half goals – Tottenham v.s AC Milan 3 lost -£10.00
Back over 1.5 2nd half goals – Tottenham v.s AC Milan 2.2 lost -£10.00

I have also felt that the system strategy is being tweaked as we are going along (with greater emphasis in these later weeks on multiples and high odds bets), which calls into question exactly what the rationale behind their selections is/are….

On the positive side of things the system administrators have been reasonably swift at responding to any queries I have had and did acknowledge the league labelling issue that I noted earlier in the review – this has now been corrected and the emails now clearly identify which league the bet can be found in. The emails are regular and generally arrive by 11am each morning.

However, for the reasons given above I am therefore suggesting that I curtail this review and mark it FAILED because the ‘virtual’ bank now stands at £263 (from a start of £1000) almost a quarter of what we started with and in my humble opinion, little chance of recovery in what remained of the proposed trial period.

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