Today brings my 4 weeks evaluation of the modified system to an end. After some considerable ups & downs along the way, we have ended the month 2.6pts in profit. This may not seem much of a return for a month of betting but we have come through some very poor conditions, cancelled meetings, etc and many systems are showing losses. So I don’t intend to Fail this service, though with such a result it hardly justifies a Recommended either.

The official results show just about a break even situation for this period, the difference being accounted for by my bot not being the same as the official one. I feel a bit like Eric Morecambe with Andre Previn here, because I was following the rules but not necessarily getting the same odds. The recommendation, if using a bot, is to take the lay price at 20 seconds before the start but since this is a time when prices can be changing rapidly, occasionally a horse is missed. This gives me some misgivings in the case of those who are operating manually, it’s quite possible for them to be laying or missing horses which may or may not be a valid selection at the official time.

In other respects, this is a well operated service: the emails arrive well in time, there is a results page on the website and also instructions for setting up the GHB, if you happen to have it. Like all laying systems, it will always have its bad days. For this month at least it managed to survive them without loss. My recommendation has to be a Neutral in light of this.

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