“Profitable Betting Every Year!”

I am currently trialing the tipping service from BetAlchemist. This is a backing/each way tipping service that is currently charged at £30 per month +Vat, although the very first month is charged at a discounted rate of £15.

Tips are offered via Membership login to the website where the tips are posted. You also receive an email from the site to let you know the latest tips have been posted.
They state that there are approx. between 5-9 tips per week and there are also AntePost bets that come up from time to time in the run up to the major racing festivals.
The recommended start bank is 50 points – with 1 pt on a WIN selection and 0.5 Each Way where advised.
Bets are to be placed with B.O.G bookies preferably and the tips advised all have the price available at the time the tips were posted.

This service went ‘Live’ in December 2012, and for December made a very respectable 23pts profit.

For the purposes of the trial – my results will use the advised prices (not B.O.G prices).

From the 5th January to 2nd February – there have been 35 selections achieving an overall total of 2.37 pts.



As luck would have it… yesterday, Sunday 3rd February equates to the best day so far with 3 bets with 2 winning , returning a net profit of 7.7 pts!
Total  for this period now stands at  a respectable 10.07 pts for the first month.