I’m sure you are aware of matched betting, bookie bonus bagging, arb hunting, sports trading etc. You will probably have dabbled in this area at some point over your betting career, trying a few systems or services that offer this sort of thing.

The chances are though; you won’t have made over £1000 a month doing it!

The beauty of this style of betting is that it is either risk free, or very low risk, and generally means that you will either win money if you get the right outcome or break even (or lose a relatively small amount) if you don’t.

It is therefore very attractive to those who either don’t have funds they can afford to ‘risk’ or those that simply don’t like losing bets and the ups and downs normally associated with gambling.

The drawback of this style of betting is that the returns tend to be small compared with normal betting, typically a few percent of the outlay rather than 100% and upwards. But most people tend to lose over the long term with traditional betting so with risk free betting, if you are patient, at least you’re guaranteed to make money.

This is where Steve Trow excels. He’s a chap that chose this route and for the last seven years has consistently made good money using risk free techniques such as matched betting and sports trading, very much in his spare time. But unlike most people, he’s developed a strategy that allows him to make over £1000 a month doing it!

And he wants to show you how to do it too. Personally, on a one to one basis. In his house!

Or, if you prefer, you can download the entire course to study at home, with full support from Steve of course.

That’s right. If you want to learn how to make £1000 a month in your spare time, using risk free and low risk betting, then learn from someone that is already doing it. Go to his house, spend the day with him, let him show you exactly what he does and how he does it and then go away and do it yourself.

He’ll give you access to his professional software, teach you how to use it together with the strategies he personally uses, and give you full support with e-mail and Skype calls for the following 12 months to keep you on track and maximise your profits.

After spending just one day with Steve, one on one, you’ll be able to copy exactly what he does to make £1000 a month yourself using risk free and low risk strategies. And your winnings are tax free too.

Here’s what previous clients have said:

“An Eye-Opener! As someone who has several years of matched betting under his belt, I was very much under the impression that those avenues had been closed following many gubbings from bookmakers over the years. This course has shown this to be far from the case; indeed I have barely scratched the service. The course itself is full of money making content but the real value is spending a day in the company of a professional who has made the dream a reality. I found it invaluable to see what a correctly setup office looks like and how Steve organises his day to maximise profit. I’d highly recommend the course to anyone with an interest in making money from Matched Betting and Trading. Thanks Steve!”

“Many thanks for an excellent day. You have given me the knowledge and I think more importantly the confidence to do this on a daily basis and make a very good tax free second income.”

“The information that I picked up at Steve Trow’s Bet & Trade Workshop is worth its weight in gold. No fluff, nothing hidden just the straight forward facts on how to make an almost risk free £1000+ every month. What I also found refreshing was that Steve was not trying to sell anything during the workshop. A nice day with a nice guy and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about making money from online betting.”

“Arrived at Todmorden train station, and welcomed by Steve, who then very kindly took me into the pub across the road for a quick chat, before dropping me off at my B&B for the night. Collected me first thing, then driven to his home, where we sat together and went through a multitude of money making methods. Many of which are either risk free or very low risk. As a full time Matched Bettor for the last year I learnt a whole host of new tricks to add into my repertoire for making money. Excellent value for money, and a very down to earth honest man, course highly recommended.”

“I really enjoyed the bet and trade workshop training… It was clear and concise with enough flexibility to adjust to the individuals’ personal experience with trading and sports betting. Although I am sure there will be a learning curve, especially with the Betfair Trading modules, it is evidently clear that this means of making an income online is “very doable”. Honestly, a child could do this with the instructions provided. This is a no brainer investment that I can see will be returned within a very short period. For someone like me, who would rather pot about my little homestead farm, this provides an essential opportunity to cover my costs and allow me to pursue my other passions in life, working from home and opting out of the rat race”

“I felt comfortable and reassured by your genuine desire to help me succeed in the delivery of your course materials. I have been to many seminars and bought too many supposedly ‘profitable’ systems in the past and it was refreshing to actually meet someone who is the real deal. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who wishes to learn about these subjects.”

“I’ve been losing money for years but with the knowledge and tools I know have I’ve finally started making money consistently. Amazing course and well worth it”

On the workshop you’ll learn exactly how to make £1000+ a month yourself using risk free and low risk strategies, all in your spare time. And your winnings are tax free too.

You won’t have to worry about your bookie accounts getting restricted either so, like Steve, you can continue to do this for years and years.

How would an extra £1000+ a month, tax free, on top of your current income make a difference to you? And you can do this very much in your spare time, around a day job and, most importantly, without risking your funds… so no more losses, just consistent regular profit.

As well as getting access to the course, the added extras are:

1 year’s free access to Clear Bonus Profits
1 year’s free access to Casino Slots Guide – Steve’s how to complete slots offers website
3 month’s free access to a top matched betting site
4 x 30 minute Skype calls with Steve over the next 12 months
3 of Steves personal football trading strategies

I know what you must be thinking… a one on one workshop in his home, teaching you how to make £1000 a month risk free… this is going to cost thousands, right?

Wrong. The fee is ridiculously low. Have a look for yourself!

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