I recorded the results of this service for just over a month and am now ready to give my overall opinion.

Over the test period a £10 Level Stakes approach made a profit of £16.08 and a Recovery Bank approach made a profit of £37.08. I did not find the profit level nor the strike rate to be as good as advertised on the sales page but I do also have some other worries about this service.

Not long after we started the trial an advanced staking method to compliment the tips was offered at an additional cost, I do feel that the recovery methods used within that plan are very aggressive when you consider that you are nearly always dealing with odds-on prices. A quick sum showed that if you had a run of 3 losers at odds of around 1.7 then you would very quickly find yourself staking over £300 to win £10 overall (once lost stakes were recovered). Also included in the staking plan pdf were details of how to open and run accounts with smaller Asian bookmakers and offers were made for the service get involved in the opening and running of these accounts. Whilst I obviously do not cast any doubt on the honesty of the people behind Bet Mentor, I would never advise anyone to allow any third party to be involved in opening or running any account on your behalf. It is fraught with dangers.

There were also several emails containing a “Job Offer” whereby you would be taken on as an agent (after a trial period during which you were basically using an odds-to service) to help the service place large bets. Again, no aspersions are cast on Bet Mentor, but I would be extremely wary of such offers.

When it comes to the actual performance of the tips I can say that it did make a profit at level stakes but did not cover it’s modest purchase price, I did not achieve the Return On Investment levels advertised on the sales page and the strike rate was significantly less too, although it is not all that straight forward to calculate a strike rate when dealing with Asian Handicaps. This is tricky because you are not always dealing with a straight win/lose outcome, you may have a partial win, a partial loss or a Push scenario where your stakes is returned and it is up for debate as to what constitutes a positive outcome for a strike rate.

I’m a little up in the air about where to file this service. It has made a profit so should be a candidate for Approved even though it didn’t cover it’s purchase price as it’s a one off charge for a year’s worth of tips and it never really dipped into negative territiory but given that it never got near the results level claimed and my concerns about the extra parts of the service (in particular the aggressive staking plan), I’m not going to approve it. My own feeling is that Neutral is probably the most fair rating, although I’m closer to a Fail than a Approved.

I won’t be signing up to continue receiving the tips and I wouldn’t be too enthusiastic about advising anyone to join either, so it’s an odd rating of Low NEUTRAL for me. Somewhere between Neutral and Fail.

I admitted before the trial started that I’m not a fan of Asian Handicap betting and I’m still not convinced they’re a good idea long-term. I do fully acknowledge that many people like them but I just feel it’s tough enough to show long term profit when betting on football without giving the opposition a head start and still betting odds-on.

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