Final review

Bet Sage is a horse racing tipping service delivered through BetHub, run by a proper old school punter I’ve known for many years. I became interested in Bet Sage when I saw how well the trials had gone. I started monitoring the service on March 10th, and of course we were one month in when horse racing over here was suspended. You could tell the tipster was champing at the bit to get on with it when he started to give out tips in American and Australian races – and even one greyhounds tip (which was successful).

At the time of the suspension, the trial was 39 points in profit, and at the time of resumption, 64 points up, so it was a profitable period in spite of the lockdown.

The graph shows a comfortable relentless upwards rise, during which it has seen one eleven point losing run and three at eight points, and with average odds quoted at around 7/1, it has shown a sustainable resilience with no signs of danger to the bank. Although this is not as dramatic as the pre-trial results (+273 points in a little over 3 months), I have plenty of confidence that I am in safe hands with this industry pro who has been in the business for over 30 years.

Bets are sent out by email, usually on the day of the race, and can be as late as an hour before the start of racing, which allows them to be assessed against the latest information available. Points staked are based on confidence and have ranged between half a point each way, and a couple of instances of 4 points, plus smaller outlays for multiples (the large spike at the start of the graph is one such super yankee from Cheltenham).

The headline figures for the trial are as follows:

Bets: 215 – Win: 59 – Loss: 154 – NR/Scratch: 4

Quoted odds: +101 points/ROI 25%

BSP -5% commission: +92 points/ROI 23%

ISP: +66 points/ROI 16%

The BSP odds are slightly contorted by the multiples, which aren’t available on Betfair, so quoted bookie odds have been used for this purpose.

It’s a very rare service which is able to show a solid profit at ISP and BSP, and I am happy to put this one in the approved category.

You can get a Free Trial of Bet Sage here

UPDATE January 2021

Over 560 points profit since December 2019!!

I concluded a three month review of this service in September, and was extremely impressed with the profitable consistency. This is a quick update to report that it has continued in the winning vein, now showing an incredible average of 43 points profit per month, only two losing months in the past year, odds quoted readily available, and with simple staking. Take a look at the graph:

That is my kind of graph! It’s a profit made over 449 bets. Obviously, I’m happy to maintain my recommendation.

You can get a Free Trial of Bet Sage here