25 points profit on Saturday

On Tuesday I published an update of this service, extolling the great profits it has generated consistently over the past year. Now I, for one, get mega-annoyed by marketing which shouts out cherry-picked results which raise false expectations of the daily results of any service. Almost all of them do it, I’m sure this forum isn’t immune.

As a blogger on Cash Master, my reviews are completely independent, and Graham, the site owner, never ever asks me to change anything I write. If he did, I wouldn’t blog on the forum. What I do have, is a sense of empathy with you lot, my fellow punters. That ensures that any service I recommend, I do so because I believe that subscribers will profit from it. It actually bothers me a lot if I recommend a service which subsequently tanks, because I know people have lost money from my plaudits.

So… (it’s Sunday in lockdown, apologies for indulgence!) those readers who signed up on the basis of my update on Tuesday (and I know there were a few), it delights me that Bet Sage tipped two horses yesterday which both won, and he called the double too, and hopefully that will keep you in the black for the rest of your journey with him. Obviously that kind of success doesn’t happen every day, or week (today’s single selection just lost), but this guy is very very good, and worth an interest.

You can get a Free Trial of Bet Sage here