I only sing when they’re winning…

On 24th January I blogged an update on this service, and I said at the time, Now I, for one, get mega-annoyed by marketing which shouts out cherry-picked results which raise false expectations of the daily results of any service. Almost all of them do it, I’m sure this forum isn’t immune.

We subsequently had a losing run of ten. I wasn’t singing then, right? However, I do have a lot of confidence in this tipster, and I’ve been told by the agency that quite a few of those who signed up on the back of my blog have dropped out. One thing I do know, from the dozens, nay, hundreds, of services I’ve blogged, is that all of them have losing runs, and the bigger the average odds, the longer the runs.

Today, Bet Sage tipped two, one meeting was abandoned, the other was Young Lieutenant in the 3.40 at Kempton, a NH flat race, in which the tipped horse won quite easily. Odds quoted were 29.0, the ISP was 21.0, the BSP was 17.92, but I took early Betfair odds at 34.0.

I know for sure there will be losers coming up. There will be losing runs. There will even be losing months, as there have been twice in the past year. But 600 points profit in the past 14 months is ridiculous. These are all at sensible stakes, and if you put aside a bank for this, I am very confident you’ll make a decent profit.

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