3 wins, one second

Do the bloggers on this site put their own money into the services they’re blogging? Well, I can’t answer for any of the others, but for me, the answer is no. So why do I do it? Well, I guess I’m looking for the service that we’re all looking for. You know, the one where there’s not too much work to be done, where the losing runs are tiny, and where the upsides are quick. Don’t get me wrong: I will only approve a service if I honestly believe that subscribers will make a profit from it. So over the years I’ve been with Graham, and he is very tolerant of me picking and choosing services to blog, I’ve seen some very good services, but haven’t jumped on board when the review is over.

Finally, though, watching the results from Bet Sage, knowing that it profits on Betfair as well as bookies – because I’ve been gubbed from most bookies – I decided to put a bank onto the service and see where it takes me.

So, I put £500 bank onto this on 16th January and decided I will place 1% of the bank per point advised. Today, that bank stands at £837.53 after 2% commission. This weekend, Bet Sage advised four bets, three wins at 5.5, 4.0 (no double advised, unfortunately) and 6.5, and a second, advised each way at 7.0. So, it’s going well!! There have been drawdowns. Only one placed horse in 11 bets starting Jan 28th. And it was here, my contact at Bet Sage told me, that many subscribers withdrew!! This, of course, has always happened and always will. It takes a certain temperament to win at betting, and those who can’t handle even these relatively small losing runs would be best advised that betting is not something they should be invloved in. You have to assign a bank to the system, and write the bank off – like if you’ve bought shares, or crypto.

Anyway, lecture over. I’m sticking with this, I’ll let you know where it gets me.

You can get a Free Trial of Bet Sage here