This review was planned to start in Cheltenham week and last for three months. But then came the disease to change those, and also my pub, plans! Which was frustrating, because this comes from the Bet Hub stable, a team which is very familiar to me and which I know is reliable and transparent. This particular tipster has shown incredible results during the proofing period and since launch in December has delivered an implausible but true profit of +398 points.

I’m sure most readers will have their sceptical hats on now, thinking it must all be huge staking, or that the given odds must be impossible to track down. And there were some early questions about this which I had, and which I am happy have since been resolved, such as the naming of bookies where prices were given, extra places, etc. But since I have been following this tipster, the max stake has been 4 points, and that only once, it’s usually around 2 points; and there are some accas.

For me, I like to see if a tipster is profitable on Betfair because, like many of you, I can’t get money on at the bookies. So I always record Betfair results where possible, though there are instances, such as accas, which I can’t use Betfair for but I record the prices as if I could have.

So, since March 10th, I have recorded a profit of 70 points to quoted early prices, 60 points to BSP – 5% commission, and 55 points to ISP. 55 points profit during lockdown is very good indeed, and he has been profitable in his occasional bets from USA, Down Under, and even a greyhound race!

But the results are clearly affected by the absence of British horse racing, and so we are going to extend the review period until the end of August. You can find the results on the website, but I have a very good feeling about this one, and I would strongly encourage those who haven’t to get on the free 14 day trial before all the slots go.

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