Heres yesterdays results.

2:10 Nottingham – Italian art (williamhill) 4 £15 win £45.00
2:30 Brighton – Doctor robert (williamhill) 1.8 £15 loss -£15.00
2:40 Nottingham – Caradoc place (williamhill) 10 £15 loss -£15.00
3:20 Ludlow – Good man again (sportingbet) 34 £15 loss -£15.00
4:10 Nottingham – Fly with the stars (betfred) 9 £15 loss -£15.00
4:10 Nottingham – Sleepy hollow (bet365) 9 £15 win £120.00
4:20 Ludlow – Doctor mcfab (ladbrokes) 3 £15 win £30.00
4:30 Brighton – Certain justice (ladbrokes) 10 £15 loss -£15.00
5:20 Ludlow – The hairy mutt (ladbrokes) 2.1 £15 loss -£15.00

A better day all round. A decent number of selections and a nice winner leaves us with a profit of £105. Certain justice also came second at 9/1 so it could have been even better. After looking through my results I have noticed that quite a few of the odds on selections lose such as Doctor robert today. Even when they do win, they obviously don’t give much of a return due to the small stakes being used. When I have more results to study I may look into putting a limit on how small im willing to go price wise, maybe 2/1 or something. I cant really go into to much detail of the selection method with this system, but strictly following the rules these odds on horses are valid. The problem is when they are that highly fancied already, even when the price does steam, the movement is so small that your not getting much value out of the bets anyway.

Total staked = £1,170

Total profit = £610.63

Profit on turnover = 52.19%