Yesterdays results

1:50 Stratford – Chunky lad (bet365) 9 £15 win £120.00
1:55 Clonmel – Absolute image (bet365) 2.5 £15 win £22.50
2:30 Newcastle – Leac an scail (paddypower) 10 £15 win £135.00
2:55 Clonmel – Letterman (ladbrokes) 5.5 £15 loss -£15.00
3:00 Newcastle – Solemn vow (williamhill) 15 £15 loss -£15.00
3:10 Lingfield – Pivotal answer (betfred) 6 £15 loss -£15.00
3:30 Newcastle – Oneforsaturday (coral) 3.75 £15 loss -£15.00

Well a great day yesterday, with an overall profit of £217.50 for the day. Anyone who has been following this review will realise that over the last few days especially, we have had some very large priced horses coming close, but seemingly never actually winning. I decided to follow the in-play live markets on betfair during the races today to see if trading could be a possibility. I have always been against trading with betsynergy, because with traditional trading (where you trade out just before the off) the returns are generally only a few %, and the profits are tiny compared to level staking long term. The advantage of in-play trading is that if the horse is doing well late on in the race, the larger priced horses will have steamed to about 10-15% of the original price in some cases. This happened yesterday with Solemn vow in the 3:00 at Newcastle. The horse had actually steamed from about 14.5 down to 7.4 at the off anyway, but late in the race with the horse leading, the price went as low as 2.1. At this point, with our stake of just £15, we could have greened up for £87.54. The same thing happened with Letterman in the previous race, although the price was obviously much smaller. This would need to be tested over a longer period, but if a high % of large priced horses continued to come close, it would be easy enough to set up a bot for you that would trade out at a certain price. I will continue to monitor the in-play markets over the next few days.

Total staked = £2025

Total profit = £706.33

Profit on turnover = 34.88%