Unfortunately a poor day to finish the review!

12:50 Hexham – Talarive (sportingbet) 4 £15 loss -£15.00
1:20 Hexham – Another jameson (ladbrokes) 7 £15 loss -£15.00
1:30 Musselburgh – Choisette (vcbet) 6 £15 loss -£15.00
1:40 Fontwell – River indus (williamhill) 2.75 £15 loss -£15.00
2:10 Fontwell – Lady korrianda (betfred) 17 £15 loss -£15.00
3:40 Fontwell – Ashleys petale (betfred) 11 £15 loss -£15.00

Heres the final results after just over a months testing.

Total staked = £2700

Total profit = £492.62

Profit on turnover 18.25%

Well as I said, it’s unfortunate that we had to finish off the review period with a run of poor results, but at least it has shown everybody both the good and the bad of this system. First things first, I highly recommend this system, and I think it’s easily the best horse racing system ive used (and ive tried a lot). That said, there are a few negatives that you will need to take into account before you consider purchasing it. Firstly, and most obviously, it requires quite a bit of time each day to use it properly. It is possible to check all the races at once early in the afternoon, but this will still take you up to an hour, and you will find you don’t get as many selections. I personally think the results arent as successful either, but I havent tested it for long enough to verify that. To use it as I have on the blog, you need to be at your computer all afternoon, tracking the market before each specific race, which honestly can be mind numbingly boring! Secondly you really need to be able to take a long term view with this system, and be able to totally distance yourself from the winning and losing of each race. Long losing runs are certainly not rare with this system, and you have to be able to take them. The other main point to make with this system is that to make it work, you will have to have accounts with all of the bookmakers on oddschecker. I have a bank account that I use strictly for betting, and I upload money to each bookmaker as and when a selection comes up. If you were trying to use just one or two bookmakers, you wouldnt get enough selections to make this system worthwhile. Also, since the key to betsynergy is finding value, taking smaller prices from a bookmaker because you don’t have an account with another will make the system fail. All that said, we use these systems to make money, and betsynergy makes money! Below are what the results would have been to £100 stakes.

Total staked = £18,000

Total profit = £3284.30

That would be over £800 per week, and don’t forget I wasnt using it at the weekend either. As I said, if none of the negative points effect you, then I highly recommend this system.

UPDATE 1st June 2010

Bet Synergy has been upgraded to a betting bot, full details under Racing Synergy review.

You can get Bet Synergy here: