Well an exceptional day today to more than make up for yesterday, topped off by a 20/1 winner! Heres the full results.

1:50 Folkestone – Glittering prize (williamhill) 3.75 £15 loss -£15.00
2:00 Catterick – Atephobia (bet365) 6 £15 loss -£15.00
2:00 Catterick – Captain turbot (bet365) 101 £15 loss -£15.00
2:10 Leicester – Laughter (betfred) 8 £15 win £105.00
2:40 Leicester – Rydal mount (williamhill) 21 £15 win £300.00
3:30 Catterick – Lady rochbonne (williamhill) 7 £15 loss -£15.00
3:30 Catterick – True time (ladbrokes) 7 £15 loss -£15.00
3:50 Folkestone – Plateau (ladbrokes) 3.75 £15 loss -£15.00
4:10 Leicester – Pippa greene (betfred) 2.88 £15 win £28.12

Thats £343.12 profit for the day. I was a little dissapointed that Captain turbot didnt come in at 100/1, but we cant have it all! As I have said before, you get terrible days and great days, we just have to remember to look at the system long term. We are going to have a very skewed turnover percentage so far this month due to such a good start, but im hoping for about 20% at the end, so lets wait and see! A few of todays selections were great examples of what this system is trying to achieve. Captain tarbut went off at 25/1 and we had got the bet on at 100/1. Rydal mount won at 11/1 and we had bet at 20/1. The same goes for Laughter, who went off at 5/1, while we had bet at 7/1. If we are always betting with a mathematical edge, then we can not fail to make money over the long term. After all, that is exactly how bookmakers and casinos make there money!

The month so far.

Total staked = £630

Total profit = £473.75

Profit on turnover = 75.20%

Lets see if we can keep this run going today!