Another great winner at 8/1 today, im still waiting for the losing run to come along but after this first week even if we do have a rough few days our profit isnt going to be dented too badly. Only a few selections again today, maybe it’s to do with the time of year or something, but profits profit!

2:30 Carlisle – Top dressing (vcbet) 2.75 £15 loss -£15.00
3:35 Carlisle – Cantgeton (totesport) 4.5 £15 win £52.50
4:45 Carlisle – No picnic (bet365) 9 £15 loss -£15.00
4:55 York – Esthlos (williamhill) 9 £15 win £120.00

£142.50 profit for the day, heres the totals so far.

Total staked = £810
Total profit = £620
Profit on turnover = 76.54%

I wont be using betsynergy today, and probably not tomorrow either as it’s already a busy enough weekend for me with all of the rugby, football and racing going on. Next update should be on tuesday.