Although Christmas has now passed for another year, one final thing that I have now decided to ‘wrap up’ is Paul Morris’ Bet4mula tipping service.

This you may recall is a service where Paul advises selections that are suggested by a computer program. His program carries no bias or opinion, and are a pure mathematical entity that suggest value selections on which to place bets.

Of course , you do not get a copy of this computer program, the selections link is emailed to your inbox daily and in good time for you to peruse the market – generally between 8 and 9 in the morning. The selections instruction is clear and advises how many points to place, bet type (win/each way) and away you go using your preferred BOG bookie.

According to the Betfan website where all the system results are published – this particular tipping service appears to have only been running since October and its results are currently showing a profit of 186 points which, I am sure you will agree is pretty exceptional – this figure given a significant boost during December. (133 of these points were achieved from 23rd November when the system filers were changed slightly, so it would appear the tweaks are working in its’ favour).

Herewith this weeks results :

(28th  Dec:-9pts / 29th Dec : +56pts / 30th Dec : -11.2pts)

TRIAL SUMMARY / Points Profit

Week 1 : +61 

Week 2 : – 31

Week 3 : -14.71

Week 4 : -27.15 (filters changed part way through this week)

Week 5 : +7.25

Week 6: +64.23

Week 7 : +42.64

Week 8 : -20.40 (only 4 days racing over Xmas)

Week 9 :+ 61.61

Total Points Profit : 143.52 (during trial)

Selections : 259 / Wins : 64  / Strike Rate : 24.7%

From these results one can only give this service a cheery thumbs up!
But ‘hold your horses’ before you get clicking to sign up – we must consider a key factor using this particular service and that is the subscription cost. The first 7 days are charged at £9.99 as a ‘taster’, if you decide to continue with the service,  you are required to sign up to one of the following tariffs…

a) weekly  : £34.93

b) 4 weekly : £111.72

c) 12 weekly : £269.10

My trial of this service was using a base stake of £2 / point – the service can advise selections at 5 points, meaning a maximum stake of £10 to win or £10 each way (ie. £20).    So, using stakes at this level – the profits made cover the subscription cost leaving a a few quid pocket money left over depending upon the tariff choosen.
So, I guess as with most tipping services – this is really a service that will only possibly benefit those accustomed to placing reasonable stakes , what the trial results show perhaps £4 / point or more, would  make this service definitely worth your attention.

If the software keeps pumping out the winners at the same steady rate, from the trials results shown, this is one for your  portfolio.

Join Bet4mula here:




Results this year (2012) have been equally as impressive.

Here’s the breakdown:

January: -31.06 points
February: +190.38 points
March (so far): +304 points