A perfect day for the bot today. I got up, pressed the start button and went out for the day. Got back just now and checked it to see it had eight bets and all were winners so a nice profit literally for pressing a button.

I’ve been thinking some more about experimenting with a stop at profit scenario. I will carry on with the test as normal for the rest of the month but certainly have a play around after that. Looking through the results of this test, if I had set to win £25 per bet and stop at £100, so four initial winning bets, then I would have made an easy £100 a day, even with a early loser as the bot just carries on if the target profit is not made in the first four bets, but most if not all days had the first four as winning bets anyway. I can also set the bot to stop if it is in profit near the end of the day, so if there are only a few races left and it is in profit then it will stop and not risk losing it in the last few races. Lots of things to play with on this system but it’s looking good with the settings as they are right now.

Day 11

8 winners, 0 losers.

P/L at  £5 Stakes: £40
P/L at £25 Stakes: £200

Running Totals

104 winners, 12 losers.

P/L at  £5 Stakes: £158
P/L at £25 Stakes: £790