I think from tomorrow I will have a go with aiming for the daily profit target and then stopping. Again today there were six winning bets followed by a loser which stole the profits, then another two winners. Aiming for a profit of four points and stopping would have locked in a good profit almost every day of this test and any losers in the first four bets could be recovered using the remaining bets for the day. Seems like a good plan so I will start this from tomorrow. As it stands I think this system does appear to be profitable long term and so I feel confident in recommending it. I would just like to see if I can’t squeeze some more profit out of it by playing with the settings a little bit more. So from tomorrow I shall aim for £10 per bet and stopping at a profit of £40 a day. Since I’m changing the settings I will round up this test with the results below and start afresh for a couple of weeks with the new settings to see how we get on.

Day 13

8 winners, 1 loser.

P/L at  £5 Stakes: £3
P/L at £25 Stakes: £15

Running Totals

124 winners, 15 losers.

P/L at  £5 Stakes: £155
P/L at £25 Stakes: £775