I managed to keep from looking at the bot yesterday except for one quick peek in the afternoon when I kidded myself that I was just checking to see that it was working ok. It is actually far better when you don’t look at it as then you really are detached from it and letting it do it’s job without getting involved.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I checked with the live shows after the racing to see if the selections picked by the bot on Betfair would have qualified against the SP and they all did, as they did with yesterdays session too. It’s just that because Betfair prices tend to be higher than SP’s I wondered whether we were getting selections that shouldn’t have qualified. Of course, we could have missed selections that qualified at SP but not on Betfair but we won’t know this until they update their published results. Either way it doesn’t matter because I’m certainly not going to do it myself and I’ll only be using this system with the bot if it proves profitable.

So how did we do yesterday?

Five matched bets, all winning bets so another £25 up thank you very much.

Day 2

5 winners, 0 losers.

P/L at  £5 Stakes: £25
P/L at £25 Stakes: £125

Running Totals

16 winners, 1 loser.

P/L at  £5 Stakes: £39
P/L at £25 Stakes: £195