A losing day today with three losing bets overriding the winning bets. I checked the live shows and unfortunately one of the losing bets would not have been a qualifier under the system rules as the odds were too low but obviously they were high enough on Betfair to qualify. Still, this test is all about using Betalay with GHB and so it is what it is. That’s five days profit wiped out in one day… imagine having to sit there all day doing it too!

Now, I had an e-mail from a reader that has been getting different results to me with a lot more bets getting matched and I think more profit because of it so after a bit of thinking I concluded it was down to the fact that in the bot settings I have it set so that the bet is cancelled if there are any non runners. This is because within the system rules you have to have a certain amount of runners and if there are non-runners then this could take you below the specified limit.

So with my settings even if there is one non-runner in a fifteen runner race then the bet gets cancelled even though it would actually still qualify.

So from now on I’m going to take advantage of another cool setting within the bot which cancels the bet depending on the non-runner reduction factor. So if a favourite becomes a non runner, the reduction factor is high and the bet would get cancelled, if the non-runner is an outsider then the reduction factor is low because it’s less likely that it would affect the race and the bet would still go ahead. I should have thought of this before I suppose but there’s nothing like losing a bit of money to make you sit up and assess the situation.

So I have now set the non-runner reduction factor to 20% because if the favourite is a non-runner then it’s likely to cancel the bet. I have also set the ‘Stop betting during non runner removal’ option to 20 seconds to avoid the inevitable funny odds that come up when this happens.

Day 6

6 winners, 3 losers.

P/L at  £5 Stakes: -£57
P/L at £25 Stakes: -£285

Running Totals

44 winners, 7 losers.

P/L at  £5 Stakes: -£6
P/L at £25 Stakes: -£30