First day today of leaving the bot on with the new settings when I went out. I adjusted the figures slightly again to aim for £12.51 and stop at £50 because it kept saying profit for the day was £49.98 and it just feels better when it says £50.01 profit!

Anyway, I went off to the zoo and then a trip down Portabello Road to buy some meats from Garcias (highly recommended if you are in the area) and came home to see how I got on. Well I have to say my theory about the bot not stopping in time if the races are ten minutes apart proved right as it did place one extra bet which happened to be a winning bet too so I’m up a bit extra today. Am I going to complain? I don’t think so. I will have to keep an eye on this though because if the last bet was a loser then it could end up costing money but we’ll just have to wait and see.

So on to today. Two winning bets followed by a loser, then another eight winning bets netting me £68.50 profit.

Day 4

10 winners, 1 loser.

P/L at £12.50 Stakes: £68

Running Totals

22 winners, 1 loser.

P/L at £12.50 Stakes: £218