Right I have some good news and some good/bad news depending on how you want to look at it. Today, another easy £50 with four out of the first six races of the day being qualified and matched and winning bets. I like this system very much.

Now for the good/bad news. I have been getting a lot of feedback about this system, and my personal settings, and I realise that a lot of people are understandably interested in applying this system for themselves. A few e-mails from the more seasoned investors have confirmed my own concerns about the problems that can arise with too many people using this system (or indeed any system) at the same time. Betfair liquidity… the amount of money available to get matched on any particular selection is of course at it’s highest just before the off which is when we bet. However, if there are hundreds of people using the same bot with the same settings and with only a finite amount of money available in the market, then it could adversly affect the profitibility and indeed effectiveness of the system.

So I have decided today to end the test (at least on the blog) of this system and move it to the approved section. This is to protect not only my own profits, but also the profits of those of you that are already using this system at the moment. I feel that I wouldn’t be doing anyone any favours by highlighting this system and my settings constantly because if everyone were doing it then it most certainly wouldn’t be as effective.

This is one of the drawbacks of using Betfair but I do know that many of you will completely understand my stance on this.

More good news though is that a lot of you are playing around with different settings yourselves and I’m getting positive news about using this on American racing and also using the trading feature to lock in guaranteed profits. Keep those e-mails coming and I’ll do another update in the future.

Day 7

4 winners, 0 losers.

P/L at £12.50 Stakes: £50

Running Totals

34 winners, 1 loser.

P/L at £12.50 Stakes: £368

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