Today I’m going to start testing the Betalay system but using the Grey Horse Bot to do all the work. The system itself is very simple but the major drawback is that you have to check the odds of the potential selection just before the off in order to know whether it qualifies or not. This involves watching the live shows and betting in the last minute which I know would be inconvenient or impossible for a lot of people to do (hard work too trying to concentrate on the figures all afternoon!). I’ve had this system for a while but it seemed too much like hard work until I got the Grey Horse Bot.

The system criteria can be easily programmed into the bot and all I need to do is load up the days races in the morning and press Start. This works in Auto mode which means it will choose the horses itself if it fit’s the correct criteria. I have set the bot to start monitoring the market 30 seconds before the off so that we get as close to the start as possible.

I asked the author of Betalay if it would work with GHB and he replied that it would but that the results would not necessarily match those published on his site because those results are based on the SP at the off and as we all know Betfair prices can differ considerably so the results will no doubt be different.

Either way, I’m sure most people would prefer have the bot do the work for them so as long as it makes a profit I’m not too fussed.

I’ll post the results of the matched bets at the end of each day.