Betfair ATM – final review

Lets state up front this has been a brilliant system. £300 plus profit for the month is not to be sniffed at. Also looking at the Strike Rate, 75% with average odds of 1.5 means you have to make money long term.

This is a really simple system from the Guy who brought us “Place Lay Formula”, so the system has some pedigree before I started. To operate the system you have to watch each race in-running, but for the 9-to-5ers this system can be run once you get home or for the evening races.

Probably the best way to run this to set a daily target and stop once you have made this. You could stake £25 and stop after you made £40 to £50 each day. This certainly appears doable, and that sort of return is almost a living!

Just one word of caution, the system trod water for the final week. This is probably because horse racing systems do seem to struggle for a period around the switch from Jumps to Flat (or Flat to Jumps in September).  I am confident that the system will return to being very profitable in a few weeks. I am suspending horse betting until Cheltenham now to allow for the “silly season” to end.

I will be using this regularly after that, and am happy to give this a really big thumbs-up.

One final thing. I have used flat stakes as suggested in the manual. However, I have run a stake plan which started at £100 bank; the stakes for each day are set at 10% of the bank, so for day 1 this is £10 stakes. I stopped after the bank increased 20%, this is very aggressive, 10% increase would be safer. However, using this stake plan the bank went from £100 to £1,025!!! £900+ profit in 1 month. I think you can see why this system has me a tad excited. I just hope that the systems performance can be replicated during the summer.

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