Day 5 – 8th Feb

Please let me start today by saying there is a clear disconnect between the authors experiences with this system, and the results being recorded by the bot. I will keep monitoring this situation and may tweak the bot a wee bit more.

However, I think the problem is that Michael does not play every race, but appears to stop when he has reached a profit level. I have not asked Michael how much he is staking, nor what his daily target is. It does seem sensible to me though to add a report which also seeks to stop once a daily target is reached. My preference would be to stake at 10% of the start bank each day with a target of 20%, but in keeping with the spirit Michael’s published staking method, I will use a flat £10 stake and £25 per day target. £25 * 30 = £750 which is a nay bad second income!

Just to bring us up to date on this way of staking:

Day 1 – target not met, lost £5.60

Day 2 – target met, total profit £19.20

Day 3 – target met, total profit £45.30

Day 4 – target not met, total profit £38.90

Time will tell whether the stakes or target need adjusting, but this is what I will go with for now.

Anyway, on to the days results…

18 selections, 16 winners (woo hoo) and 2 losers for a profit of £46.12

Overall 76 selections and 57 winners (75%) with average odds of 1.49 and total profit of £64.03

£25 daily target met, total profit £64.90.