Graham has given me Betfair ATM to review.

Originally I had a sinking feeling; Rochdale-crew type system naming (Betfair Ninja, Betfair Espionage, etc). However, this is a new system from the stables of the folks who brought us the nifty “place lay formula”. So we have some pedigree to play with!

What you get is a simple pdf of 20 pages, 50% of which walks through some examples. There is a link to a Betfair guide if you need it though.

The system is 8 simple rules, and the staking plan is level stakes.

The downside for the 9-to-5ers is that this is a real time only system as you are reacting to odds movements throughout the race. Hence, this is not something that you can fire-and-forget.

Another pre-requisite is access to Fairbot (author’s prefered), Betting Assistant (my prefered) or some other solid trading platform (Bet Angel et al). You are unlikely to be able to get the bets placed quickly enough any other way. GreyHorseBot (GHB) is NOT suitable for this system. Excel wizzes should be easily able to program a spreadsheet to monitor and place bets where the trading platform offers this facility.

The rules are simple enough to enable me to hack together a bot to collect the requisite data. That way I don’t have to be at the computer all day and most of the night collecting data for you! I tested the bot on Wednesday 3rd Feb, and it appeared to be running OK, so I am running it from Thursday 4th.

The staking plan is level stakes, so I will use straight £10 bets.

I will run the bot each day and post the results. One word of caution though, I am reliant on a stable Betfair connection and there have been a few issues there of late. I might have to scrub some days due to bot failure. Hopefully not many!