Betfair Bots – UKIRE Bot 1P

I am testing a Betfair Bot called UKIRE Bot 1P which costs € 120 (approx. £100 depending on exchange rate). To run this bot you will need:

  • Betting Assistant (; free first month then € 6 per month.
  • A Betfair account registered to Betting Assistant
  • Microsoft excel (to read our bot)

You launch Betting Assistant and the Excel spread sheet any time before the first race of the day. A minute or so to setup and leave well alone.

Apparently this bot works only in the UK/IRE horse racing market, I will only be following UK races.

Because there is potential for a bot to empty an account I will be using a betting bank of £100. This level of staking is never going to make me a fortune! The estimated monthly returns are 10%, so I may make a tenner. What I need to gain confidence in is that the bot does “what it says on the tin”, I can increase stakes from there.