Betfair Bots – UKIRE Bot 1P Final Review


I have been testing a Betfair Bot called UKIRE Bot 1P which costs € 120 (approx. £100 depending on exchange rate). To run this bot you will need:

  • Betting Assistant ( free first month then € 6 per month.
  • A Betfair account registered to Betting Assistant
  • Microsoft excel (to read our bot)

You launch Betting Assistant and the Excel spread sheet any time before the first race of the day. A minute or so to setup and leave well alone.

Apparently this bot works only in the UK/IRE horse racing market, and I only followed UK races.

Because there is potential for a bot to empty an account I used a betting bank of £100. This level of staking was never going to make me a fortune! The estimated monthly returns are 1 to 1.5%, so I hoped to make a tenner. What I needed to do was gain confidence that the bot does “what it says on the tin”.

Because I used my own real money to test this bot, paper trading was not a viable option, so I stopped the trial before I lost any more money. Testers at cash-masters are unpaid, and this was my own hard earned income I was risking here. I also had to pay the £6 per month Gruss subscription.

After 7 weeks, with a few days missed for one reason or another, and some 1185 bets the bank is £6.13 down. Most weeks the bank does show steady growth but there have been 2 weeks of really bad performance (-£11.16, and -£16.19) which wipes out these gains. It is possible that this bot may perform better during the winter months.

So, with Gruss subscription added, I am some £12 down from a £100 bank. A more realistic bank of £1000, would have been about £70 down, and the cost of the bot has not been recovered either. On the upside, the bot works well and I had no trouble in using it.

Due to the two large drawdowns in a seven week trial I am going to have to categorise this as FAILED. You might fare better.

You can get UKIRE Bot 1p here: