Like the proverbial one-legged duck,a lot of work but evidently going round in circles…. a small profit made nonetheless which takes up back to where we were back in Week#3 of this trial……
I will give this another couple of weeks and I am hoping that we see a reasonable change in the situation, one-way or another… otherwise I think it is going to be rather difficult to make a judgement on this system when the very first week delivered to us a profit of just under £800 pounds (32 points), and from that point on we have been ‘bobbing’ around the same mark. Clearly, this raises the question: was this significant gain at the end of week one, simply a fluke….??? Time will tell….

Herewith a summary of the weeks events :

Monday 16th May : £118.75

Tuesday 17th May : £56.50

Wednesday 18th May: £-37.75

Thursday 19th May : £-77.00

Friday 20th May : £-30.00

Saturday 21st May : No NH racing

Sunday 22nd May: £37.75
Weeks P/L : £68.25
Total Profit : £749.85 (30.0 pts)
238 losing(/successful) lays from 337 lay stakes placed : 70.6% strike rate