Well it is now some two months since I began testing Betfair Bullion and what started out as very encouraging the very first week became a rather tedious affair, with very little ofhappening from there on in.

What a week to end on – as far as Betfair Bullions results go – the worst weeks NH racing so far. Herewith, the weeks dismal results…

Monday 30th May : £-139.00

Tuesday 31st May : £-83.00

Wednesday 1st June: £-73.50

Thursday 2nd June : £3.25

Friday 3rd June : No NH racing

Saturday 4th May : (AWOL – opps, no results taken!)

Sunday 5th May: £9.00
Weeks P/L : £-283.25
Total Profit : £906.10 (36.2 pts)
316 losing(/successful) lays from 447 lay stakes placed : 70.7% strike rate

“…a system implemented on National Hunt racing for two and a half years- and backtested for another 4 years and it never fails to find low priced horses that can be layed for profits all year round”

There are definitely profits to be made laying favourites and in most cases two horses in the same race will be layed, so at worst you will win one, and surprisingly on reasonably frequent occasions (even in three horse races-as my trial results will testify), you will win both lay bets meaning a steady string of profits complementing the bank. The other side of the coin are the inevitable days where more than the expected share of favourites win their races and take away those hard-earned profits. So, as with most laying systems you will be tentatively retracing the financial path to regain the standing you had before the ‘losing run’ hit until the next time it happens… which of course is guaranteed at some stage.

The system is simple to operate and so will not prove too demanding for anyone to operate.

The major failing that I can see with this system and is a reason why I would not be using in the longer term is the requirement to check the LIVE show prices – this is not the pricing on Betfair in the last 10 minutes before the race… these are the trackside prices which are available from the sporting life website. Clearly, unless you have bags of PC time on your hands – this is not going to be a system that is likely to make your portfolio.

My second reservation during the trial concerns the phenomenal first week that showed a bank-busting profit of £796.60 to £25 level stakes (31.8 points)! Unfortunately, this was not repeated in the remaining seven weeks of the review and so I cant help thinking that if it were not for this impressive start where would the system be – well, clearly if we had tested from the end of that winning week to this for all the effort we would only be showing a profit of approx. £100 or 4 points, which is laughable – although a profit, nevertheless.

I am not a great fan of laying systems per se, because of the ‘3 steps forward – 2 steps back’ progression that most systems like this tend to resemble. During National Hunt season and the number of races that could be available to punt on – this system would require serious time management. Would it warrant it?… on balance perhaps it would/could.

For the money £58.80 inc. VAT, the system is simple and perhaps a little overpriced, but the selection criteria seem well placed and more often than not, do the business. The site does offer a 60 day money back guarantee too – assuming this is honoured, it could be worth trying out… although a few questions I did raise early on in the trial were never responded to (which may well be a warning sign…). So if you are serious about purchasing, I would suggest emailing first to ensure someone is onboard and providing a degree of support just in case you need it, if you fail to make a profit and want your money back…

I will hesitantly (bordering on APPROVED) award this product a NEUTRAL rating – it did make a healthy profit of 36 points, almost doubling the betting bank during the 8 week period, but as stated the situation could be very different if it weren’t for the good fortunes in the very first week.

Until next time, Cashmasters….

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