As hoped, todays racing marked the highest grossing profitable day so far and what a way to finish the first weeks trial of this system. A total profit of almost 32 points to £25 level stakes (figures shown include 5.0% Betfair commission)

Herewith a summary of the weeks events :

Sunday 10th : £-38.28

Monday 11th : £94.63

Tuesday 12th : £136.50

Wednesday 13th : no NH races

Thursday 14th : £213.75

Friday 15th : £127.75

Saturday 16th : no QUALIFYING NH races

Sunday 17th : £262.25

Total Profit : £796.60
56 losing lays from 70 lay stakes placed : 80% strike rate

As this is a laying system, it could be a rollercoaster ride but if we can maintain a strike rate of well over 70% as we have done this week- the only way is up! (Famous last words….).
Until next week – ‘grail’ seekers….

(18/4/11- There were some errors in my previous figures which have now been corrected)