I was only able to run one session yesterday, again quite late.  This was the most profitable session to date and after the disastrous start things are definitely looking up.  However, I have decided to stick with the smaller stakes, as I feel that risking 5% of the starting bank per trade is too high.  My own staking would normally be 2% of a rolling bank, adjusted at the end of each day.  When I write the end of test review, I will show P/L as is and what would have happened if I had maintained the higher stakes. 

At the start of the test there were few opportunities to “green up” but, following the system guidelines, 60% of yesterday’s trades resulted in a green screen.  Greening up was, unfortunately, not the best course of action as all the hands went on to win:

Saturday 12th April – Day 8
Session 1 – Number of games played – 10

Outright loss:                    = 1
losing risk free trades:       = 1
winning risk free trades:    = 2
“green screen” trades:       = 6

P/L for session: £8.20

Starting bank: £100.00
Current bank:  £90.76