Another late night session resulting in very little profit. 

When I started this test it was my intention to run several sessions daily from Thursday through to Sunday.  If the system was proving profitable I would have probably continued with that.  However, the performance to date does nothing to generate incentive and – without much in the way of profits to add some interest – I am finding playing these games tedious and boring.  Although this is subjective, I feel that it is relevant:

Friday 25th April – Day 14
Session 1 – Number of games played – 10

Outright loss:                    = 1
outright win:                      =0
losing risk free trades:       = 5
winning risk free trades:    = 3
“green screen” trades:       = 1

P/L for session: £0.97

Starting bank: £100.00
Current bank:  £87.61