I ran just one short session yesterday (five games) and this resulted in another loss.  At the same time Graham convinced me that some things are just not worth carrying on with and I agree that it is, after all, time to call a halt.  My aim had been to gather as much evidence as possible but I am now happy that, for all practical purposes, more than enough has been gathered.

I have recorded the final session below and over the course of the weekend I will write up and post my end of test review.  I will do my best to ensure that it will make interesting reading: 

Thursday  1st May – Day 16
Session 1 – Number of games played – 5

Outright loss:                    = 1
outright win:                      =0
losing risk free trades:       = 3
winning risk free trades:    = 0
“green screen” trades:       = 1

P/L for session: -£2.29

Starting bank: £100.00
Current bank:  £89.43