After five sessions the bank is standing at £71.64. I was interrupted a number of times while running this session, but that should be an advantage of these games: provided that there is no interruption when a position is open, play can be resumed at any time. The interruptions did not interfere with any open positions, but despite that I incurred five successive outright losses. Given the results so far I think it is time for a rethink.

If outright losses were rare and other outcomes frequent, including a couple not catered for by this system, then a betting bank of £100 and stakes of at least £5 might be appropriate. When trading it becomes difficult to trade out profitably if the stakes are too small: so, based on the results so far, I think it would have been more appropriate to have had a starting bank of £250 for £5 stakes.  Given these results, I am not about to top up the bank and I have decided that in order to protect it I shall reduce stakes to £3. This is, I feel, the minimum that can be used while still giving some room for manoeuvre. This will also maximise any possibility of the system recovering before the bank gets so low that I call a halt. It will further ensure that as many results as possible are recorded, thereby improving the statistical significance of the test:

Saturday 5th April – Day 3
Session 2 – Number of games played – 10

Outright loss:                    = 5
losing risk free trades:       = 0
winning risk free trades:    = 3
“green screen” trades:       = 2

P/L for session: -£12.50

Starting bank: £100.00
Current bank:  £71.64