As expected I wasn’t able to run any sessions Monday or Tuesday, but I did run one session late last night.  Where I have put “Day 5” below, this refers to the number of days that I have actively traded, rather than to the number of days elapsed since the start of the test.  I think using this convention gives a more accurate idea of how much time has been spent actively using the system.

Another profit was recorded last night but, given my initial experiences with the system, I will need the profits to continue before I’m convinced that returning to betting 5% of the starting bank per opening trade is a good idea.:     

Wednesday 9th April – Day 5
Session 1 – Number of games played – 10

Outright loss:                    = 1
losing risk free trades:       = 4
winning risk free trades:    = 4
“green screen” trades:       = 1

P/L for session: £3.99

Starting bank: £100.00
Current bank:  £78.09