Hi everyone, my name is Michael Horton and I shall be testing The Betfair Cash Machine over the next four weeks.  This particular cash machine aims to profit from trading on Betfair Exchange Games Hi-Lo. 

As the games can be played 24/7 this should suit those of us who cant – or don’t want to – be tied to the PC at specific times (e.g. horse racing live market) but who don’t mind spending time in front of it, when it suit’s them.  I will be testing this system as I would if this was not a test: as and when I am able to do so.  This is the way I would do things anyway – I hope I typical in this respect – and I feel is a realistic approach. 

Rather than attempting to spend a fixed minimum time each day trading Hi-Lo, the amount of time I spend will vary.  As some games are over quickly and others take a relatively long time to run, I will aim to play a minimum number of games each day.  Due to a number of factors, some days I expect to trade considerably more than the minimum number of games and I also expect that on those days I will run several sessions.  I hope by the end of the test there will be enough information to have at least some statistical significance.

The author states “The odds are in our favour [for specific conditions] and (my emphasis) due to our extensive research through the Hi-Lo statistics…”  I hope the test will prove the accuracy of this statement, but we should certainly have a better idea by the end of the test.  I have a number of observations to make regarding the eBook, but I will reserve these for the end-of-test summary.

The system is very simple to operate; consequently to avoid giving anything away, I shall be intentionally a bit vague.  Briefly, a bet is placed early in the game, thereby opening a trading position.  If on the next round the odds have moved unfavourably then no action is taken and the trade is left to run.  The same applies for the following round.  If the odds move favourably – even if by only a few “ticks” – the position is closed to create a risk free trade (worst case scenario = no loss, best case = profit smaller than initial stake).  If, having created a risk free trade, the odds again move favourably and by a sufficient margin then another bet is placed to “green up” (i.e. there will be a profit irrespective of the outcome).

The recommendation is that a starting bank of £100 is used and that the initial trade is for a liability of £5.  This may not sound like much, but reports on other systems for Betfair games show that a losing run can very quickly devastate the bank, so I will stick to the recommendations.  The potential outcome for each game is: outright loss = £5; losing risk free bet = break even; winning risk free bet = £0.60p-£4.80; green screen = (usually in the region of) £2.00+ profit whatever the outcome.

I hope to give my results at least daily from Thursdays-Sundays with, at most, one update Mondays-Wednesdays.