None of the selections qualified for a bet this week because the odds were too low.

This system will be going on sale tomorrow and unfortunately I have only had one bet so I can’t really comment on how good, or not, it is.

The problem is that they are ‘apparently’ only going to sell 300 copies of this systm. Now, of course a lot of internet marketers use this scarcity factor to encourage sales and will really sell as many as they can, but I have a feeling from speaking with the publishers that this is actually a genuine intention, if not to stop selling at 300 then to stop selling shortly after they launch it (although I wouldn’t be surprised if it came on sale again, I’ve seen that before many times!). I can’t personally see that having more than 300 people using a lay system, say 600, would make a difference as there is huge amounts of liquidity on Betfair for horse racing before the off and that’s when we bet with this system. Still, it’s their call I suppose.

I’m presuming there will be some kind of money back guarantee with this system in which case it might be worth a punt but if there isn’t then it’s a tricky one because as I said, I’ve only had one qualified bet with it so I’ve no way of knowing if it’s going to be a winning system. All I have to go on is what they tell us.

So for anyone tempted to purchase this then please bear in mind that you need to bet on these selections at the off, so if you’re not available to bet live or you can’t use a bot to do it (nothing on the market as far as I know) then this won’t be for you.

Here are some of the stats they’ve given me. I guess they could be verified by back testing, as I believe that’s how they came up with the system:

In the last half 2007 (which was when Jason first
began testing)…

… Betfair Miracle produced 148 winning bets from
163 selections (a 90.8% strike rate). This generated
an overall profit of +92.83 points.

In 2008…

… Betfair Miracle produced 211 winning bets
from 230 selections (a 91.7% strike rate) and
generated a profit of +138.17 points.

And in 2009…

… Betfair Miracle produced 241 wins from 265
bets (a 90.9% strike rate), generating +134.92
points in profit.

There have been runs of up to 59 consecutive wins
in a row… the system’s performance, in general, is
very consistent.
The above is a snippet from the pre-written marketing e-mail that a lot of readers will be getting tomorrow, depending on what lists you’re on.

As most of you know, I really can’t be bothered with sending out this sort of stuff because I think my readers are a bit more clued up and prefer more fact and less hype, so the facts are… I don’t know if it’s any good but their back tested figures are probably accurate so if you are available to bet live then it might be worth a shot.

They’ve also given me a discount code, which is another marketing ploy but obvously worth using if you do intend on buying… type in ‘bfm-profits’ as the discount coupon on the order form and you’ll get thirty quid off.

Hope this is of use. Betfair Miracle will be available from tomorrow here: