Betfair Miracle is a lay betting system that comes with a daily e-mail of all the qualifiers for the first three weeks so that you can check you are getting it right. It comes as a 23 page manual covering how the system was developed, the main system rules and the bonus system.

The system itself is pretty straightforward, checking the Racing Post for certain race classes, number of runners, forecast price, jockey and trainer stats etc.

Once a selection has been identified the last thing to check is the price before the off, and that’s the live shows not the Betfair price, and if it falls within a certain odds range then you place your bet.

Needless to say this means you have to bet just before the off unless you use a betting bot to place your bets for you. Bear in mind that the bot would need to be able to monitor the live prices, not just the Betfair price, although looking at the results I had, I personally reckon you could get away with using the Betfair prices… but you will obviously get slightly different results to the official ones.

For the purposes of the test, I stuck with the rules and only selections that had an SP within the qualifying price range were bet on.

You tend to get between one and three selections a day shortlisted. Of those, many fall outside the qualifying price range (usually too short) so you do get many no bet days.

The bonus system is pretty similar but a little more flexible allowing for more bets. I didn’t monitor the bonus system at all during my test.

The results were encouraging though with a total profit of £555 betting to £100 lay stakes and allowing for 5% commission on the the winning lays. This was over one month and with probably around half the time being no bet days. Over the last week there’s been one more qualifying bet which also lost (winning bet) bringing the total profit to £650.

It would appear that this is a pretty decent lay bet system. The only drawback is that unless you use a betting bot you will need to be available to bet before the off but there are plenty of betting bots that will do this for you and indeed they will advise you of some options when you purchase. The Grey Horse Bot will do this for you.

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Since writing this review I decided to see how the bonus system performed over the same period. Had I included the Bonus system bets I would have made an extra £1107 profit giving a total of £1757 profit in one month.

UPDATE 7th July 2010

It’s now been five full months since we reviewed Betfair Miracle and so it’s time for a profit update on the system.

Betting to £100 level stakes the profit using both the Main and the Bonus systems now stands at a very impressive £9,133 since the beginning of February. The longest losing run they’ve had has been just 2 bets but the longest winning run has been a massive 27 bets!

This system will obviously remain in the Approved section and should be a serious consideration for a place in your betting portfolio.

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UPDATE October 2010

The latest results from Betfair Miracle certainly seem to live up to the name, although all is not entirely what it seems.

If you download their results spreadsheet and have a look at the results staking 1% of the bank on each selection, it shows a profit of £106,210.51 since it started three years ago with a modest £1000 betting bank.

Pretty impressive, and since they’ve been proofing all their bets to us, I can also confirm that the bets are all accurate. But don’t get too excited (although you can get a bit excited!). The figures on the spreadsheet do not take into consideration the variance between industry prices and the prices on Betfair. This is explained in the manual, but the difference in prices is on average 11%.

Still, even allowing for the difference in prices, it’s a very impressive profit. For those that prefer level staking, we’re looking at nearly £48,000 profit and without betting liabilities in the thousands with the percent of bank staking method.

If you’re not already using Betfair Miracle I suggest you give it a good look.

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Update 12th May 2011

I last did an update on Betfair Miracle in October 2010 so I thought it would be good to let you know how it’s performed since then.

Good news, as expected. It’s made another £5,500 profit to £100 level stakes and a ridiculous £74,650 since October using 1% staking. Of course, the 1% staking results are just figurative as it’s highly unlikely you would have got bets matched at that level but it’s good to see the potential none the less.

Total profit for the three years the system has been running is £53,516 to £100 level stakes and £180,860 using 1% staking. Bear in mind these figures do not take into account Betfair commission.

This continues to be a solid racing system which can be purchased for a one off price of £67.

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