I last did an update on Betfair Miracle in October 2010 so I thought it would be good to let you know how it’s performed since then.

Good news, as expected. It’s made another £5,500 profit to £100 level stakes and a ridiculous £74,650 since October using 1% staking. Of course, the 1% staking results are just figurative as it’s highly unlikely you would have got bets matched at that level but it’s good to see the potential none the less.

Total profit for the three years the system has been running is £53,516 to £100 level stakes and £180,860 using 1% staking. Bear in mind these figures do not take into account Betfair commission.

This continues to be a solid racing system which can be purchased for a one off price of £67.

You can get Betfair Miracle here: