Betfair Miracle is a straightforward laying system. You draw up a shortlist of qualifying bets using a fairly simple method with the Racing Post online in the morning. However, bets have to be placed live as to qualify you need to check the live price just before the off, and not the price on Betfair but the Live Shows. The bet only qualifies if the final price before the off is between certain odds.

Why is this? Well, it seems pretty obvious to me that this system has been designed by back testing various scenarios using Starting Price as one of the factors.

This sort of thing is crying out to have a bot place the bets for you but of course, such a bot would be scraping the live show sites and therefore potentially breaking some form of copyright.

Anyhow, I’ll test it out for a month or so just to see if the results claimed are accurate. I notice the results are published using the SP prices and of course, as we all know, the price you get on Betfair is rarely the same, so I’ll do the results to Betfair SP and see how it compares.

This system doesn’t go on sale until 23rd January which, coincidentally, is my birthday.

There is a bonus system that comes with this method which is more or less the same but with a few different rules. Again, bets have to be placed live. I’ll report the results for just the main system at BSP.


5.20 – Wolverhampton – Chalice Welcome – Win +£95

Profit Today: £95

Total Profit: £95