After my one off review of this system, which I listed as Failed, I have been in contact with the author and it appears that there has been a certain amount of cross wired misunderstanding.

The main reason for my failing the system was that it was mathematically impossible to achieve the claimed profit at the stated staking level. Where the problem has occured is in the staking.

The only staking figure mentioned on the sales page is £10 and in the manual the author describes how he developed the system and tried it out using £10 stakes to keep loses low will he experimented. So my conclusion was that he was using the same £10 mentioned in the ebook to make his profit claims of £2650

The issue here is the meaning of the word “STAKE”. When your are placing lay bets it can be used in two different ways to mean two very different amounts and it appears that the use of the word in the book is the “backer’s stake” (in betfair’s terms) version whilst the sales page version is the layer’s stake version. This latter version is usually refered to as Liability.

This makes a big difference. If you use the backer’s stake version then you are risking £1 to potentially gain £10 (before comm), if you use the layer’s stake version then you are risking £10 to potentially gain £100 (before comm).

If you use the layer’s version then the number of games required to hit that profit figure is obviously only a tenth of the figure I was using due to the books wording and therefore 170 games over 3 months is viable.

My other big concern with it was the “Risk Free” wording on the purchase link when there was no mention of any kind of guarantee or money back offer. The author has told me that that was an error on the selling template and that they have now removed the wording. I have checked that this morning and they have removed it.

Now that these two big issues have been resolved I feel it a little harsh to file this straight under FAILED.  As stated above the main reason for that rating was that the maths did not work and I won’t give anything other than failed to a system where I can prove that the claims are impossible.

I’m now going to move this system back to the “Current Tests” list and see how it goes over the next month. I won’t be able to give detailed breakdowns of the bets placed as it would be very easy to work the system out from such a list but I will be keeping a running total.

So let’s give this a chance now that we’ve cleared up the misunderstanding