I initially reviewed and failed this system at the start of September due to grave concerns over the claims made on the sales page and also my own betting experience with similar ideas in the past . Shortly afterwards I swapped emails with the vendors and agreed that my concerns about the honesty of the claims were based on crossed wires over the staking used in the ebook and the staking used to make the claims. I therefore agreed to have another look and give it a live test run for a month.

I have now completed that month long test (I added a week due to an International break from league football) and unfortunately my original thoughts about how the system would perform have been confirmed.

I cannot publish my spreadsheet detailing the bets as it would be fairly simple to work out the nuts and bolts of the system from looking at which games won and which lost.

During the trial I recorded 99 matched bets of which 91 lost and 8 won giving a strike rate of 8.08%. Given that all bets are to be placed at the same price and that the payout will be 9.5/1 (after comm) then I cannot see this being able to make a profit longterm.

Even if we assume that this was a particularly tough month for the system then there still remains the fact that you’d need a very big betting bank as with a strike rate this low you can expect to encounter extremely long losing runs. As with any serious betting prospect you need to set out your bank and staking with a “worst case scenario” in mind and statistics will show you that you can expect losing runs in the region of 65-75 with such a low strike rate. This also shows that you simply cannot afford to miss a single game across any of the leagues this covers during the season as you may miss a winner and then have to endure another lengthy losing run and you have to be available to do this live in-play, you cannot place the bets pre-game as you would miss one of the filters and trying this without that filter would be disastrous.

So, I can say that my original concerns about the honesty of the staking were wrong but my suspicions about how the system would perform have been confirmed and this product should be filed under FAILED

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