I have been looking at Betfair Scalper. This is a one-off review as this system doesn’t lend itself to a 13-week review; everybody who uses this system will get different results.

For a one-off cost of £89.97 (at the time or the review) you get access to over 7 hours of videos explaining what scalping is, how to set up BetAngel trading software, what entry conditions to look for, etc.

The videos are easy to follow and comprehensive. If you follow the instructions, especially the one about practice, practice, practice, and you are around to follow some UK horse racing then this could be a product to make a few pounds each race. For example, let’s posit you made a very conservative £1.00 per race (my Betfair screenshot below is £9.95 in 9 races), and only covered 4 races per day; that’s £4 per day or £120 most months. Once you get skilled, much higher profits are available, easily in the £10 to £20 range; even at £10 per race, 4 races is £40 per day, that is £1,200 per month, tax-free and with very little risk. That’s off about an hour’s work, depending on the time of day you chose to operate in; evening racing during the summer will take about 2 hours to cover 4 races. Of course you can do more, most days there are 20 races available, but that is more commitment than I am prepared to offer. One last note, not every race will qualify; heavy odds-on or where horses are close in odds are more tricky and ones I currently pass on.

Be prepared to start small, you can operate off an initial £100 bank but you will only make pennies per race; but that’s OK, you’ll be a master trader by the time you have grown the bank to be able to scalp decent sums per race. DO NOT start trying to scalp using large stakes, start small and gain the skills. Fear and Greed are the enemies of all traders!

Here is my Betfair statement for 17th and 18th March. As you can see I didn’t do many races. I have redacted Cheltenham as this was straight betting not scalping and so not relevant to this review. I used £50 stakes. Hopefully you can see the potential, I wouldn’t class myself as anything other than a beginner scalper, so in time I’d expect to be more consistent. One thing I did learn last week: don’t scalp major festivals! Scalping doesn’t work well when you are the bottom of a queue waiting for £90k to be matched!

Happy to approve this product.

You can get Betfair Scalper here